The hands lose the ability to feel

Focus isn’t possible without spectacles

My heart thrusts through my chest

As my children escape from their mothers womb

A first date

A first birthday

The time I dropped the phone after hearing of my mother’s demise

Reciting my marriage vows in front of an unfriendly audience

Looking into the eyes of God and threatening it with destruction if it touched my offspring

Being alone in Somalia at 3 AM

These are just a few of my favorite things Mr Coltrane and hearing of yours wordlessly in squeaks and trills and sheets of sound


Why am I here

So that is a great question. I’m here at WordPress because I want an easier way to put all my art in one place that is easy to find. I have SoundCloud create space, lulu blogtalkradio and red bubble, but to shoot all that off to someone seems daunting and I just want a lillypad for someone to launch into all the ways I am creative. I’m also looking to link up with other people who can mentor or at least give some needed and unbiased criticism. Nothing earth shattering yet, but I’m on my way. #art, #poetry, #spoken word, #painting, #podcasting