Word of the day seriousness

I look over my desk at the next client

Remembering where I was a scant 23 years ago

In the same chair but no one on this side of the desk

They have been given numerous briefings

It just hasn’t sunk in, you are no longer needed here

I crack a joke, I try to get them to smile

Just so I can maybe break through

After they are done in my office, they are done

Sometimes I have a rock star, but most just luck into something

I often wonder if I am doing enough

I often just wonder what I’m doing here

They leave and every Wednesday I see the next crop getting ready to take their place

It’s an assembly line like others I have been on, it’s just that these are lives vs products and we treat them like merchandise

I want to give them hope and I do through lies and building up their self confidence

I’m trapped here behind this desk by those who have never cried with a man leaving the only job he has ever known

I gotta man this post because it was vacant when I most needed it

Enjoy your cheap oil and freedom as I pull out another box of tissues for people who won’t cry