Wotd translate


We talk the same language but do we understand each other

Words flow but are they the words intended

Can you read into what I’m saying, are you noting what I’m not saying

Have we connected at a deeper level or will we just wait for our turn to speak

My mind jumps from topic to topic, can you keep up

If you tied a string to my ideas would it make a recognizable pattern, or would it be a Pollack drip painting

I’m not sure anymore that I want to let anyone in to deep, vulnerability has never been my strong suit

We speak the same language but do we pick up on the nuance

I often wonder how our ancient ancestors related to each other before we became so sophisticated and advanced, was it a simple hunger, thirst, lust, tired, scared feeling communicated and who was the first to hide their true motives

Why does a cow say moo moo here but something else on the opposite side of the Earth, if I heard that same cow over there would it be that different

Is it a simple thing that people simply forgot the word and made some bullshit up like we do now to each other or do vows really sound different in Japan