Wotd glitter

My girls looked out the window as I left for another appointment

Waving frantically for papa to return

Their eyes glitter in the sun

Their smiles fade to sobs then tears as my wife nudges them back to the table

When I return home pictures will appear 

They will have napped and forgotten that I left

Another round of hugs and kisses

And the glitter in their eyes return


Wotd blur


The first year after the birth didn’t go by fast

I just can’t remember anything

I have pictures I have people who told me what happened but as far as 4k high definition memories I haven’t a clue

I know I bought a house, I know I had 4 surgeries, I know I essentially took over my department, but that is all I know

I bought comic books I don’t remember reading them

I took a video at my mother’s grave but I haven’t been back since

I’ve lost that year forever, it’s only in pictures now

I’m wondering how many others I’ve lost that I can’t remember not remembering that I’ve lost them