WOTD yarn 

WOTD yarn 


I’ve turned full southern so sit on my front porch

Have some sweet tea spiked with home brew moonshine

Wave at the cars passing by, it’s Sunday

People coming home from church, I’ve got the radio on

Tinfoil on the antenna so I can catch the hill music from over yon

We can slip off our shoes, prop up our feet, 

The kids running around in the yard as they are too young for adult speak

I pet my viidoo flamingo, the one the neighbors hate it secretly desire

As the day gets hotter the more lies we tell

As the sweet tea gets drunk I’ll tell you tall tales

As the absent street lamps light up the truth finally comes out

I’ll take you inside and leave the bathroom light on

We can continue this next week after my wife forgives these minor wrongs

WOTD knackered

WOTD knackered


Here are my gifts from the universe

Here is what I Rush home every night after work to see

Here is where my heart lies

Here is what I love in this world

Here are my daughters after a long day of exploration

Here they recover and reenergize

Here is where I get my strength

Here is where I lay every night

Here is where my future is reimagined every day

Here is where my hope lies

Here are two girls growing into women who will improve the world

Here is one of our future Presidents

Rest now my life loves

Rest now the day is done

Rest up for tomorrow brings more to learn, live, love

Rest now for tomorrow brings more tomorrows

WOTD blanket

WOTD blanket


Before they were born

I learned to knit

As I recovered from wrist surgery

So I could feel them

I rehabed with those two sticks, a skein and my notebook to keep track

Through hundreds of alanon meetings

Focusing on the miracle to come

I worked through the pain and soreness

But I got both done before my girls breathed their first breath

I got to feel them with what is left if my hands

And I can keep them warm forever

WOTD roots


This is not where I began

This is near the begining of the process,

If you can call waiting 10 years before putting my words out in the world in written form the beginning

I hope it is merely the begining

Breaking through the ground while I’m still pushing down into the dirt finding the core of my inspiration

This picture is the first branches where buds will turn into leaves

Where leaves will nourish my whole

Where flowers will bring the bees who will pass the message

Where I’ll provide shade to those who hear the message

Where one day I’ll drop my leaves, be struck by lightning and feed the Earth

These first few steps are a starting point but not The starting point

WOTD gray

WOTD gray


I’ve noticed the color changes in my hair

I was once a bleach blonde blue eyes charmer

I once was a purple mohawk punk rocker

With the years I’ve gone gray

I look at each hair as something I’ve learned

Some nugget if knowledge that guides my path

I know that others see my age, my Haggard eyes

They see the receeding hairline and know I’ve lived

But I still see the blond through the gray

And sometimes the energy of the purple comes out

But now I’m gray and I deserve every hair

I wish I had more

But I’m finally respecting myself

Accepting myself 

As I ease into this next phase