KDOI and Mike Porter Talk Comics and Art

Episode 8 Click here for it


Talking with Mike Porter about Comic Books and Art at his Comic Book Store Little Fish Comics that is Closing 31 Dec 2017.


This podcast is the first released after my spinal surgery, my voice is a bit rough and we are actually doing the interview from Mike’s Comic Book Shop Little Fish Comics in Fredericksburg. 


Mike has been running this shop for 12 years and has decided that now is the best time to shut down and still come out ahead. We begin talking about his first comic book Uncanny X-Men #143. The story in this comic book really affected Mike and it is where he began his journey. 


I do prod Mike about being an artist and a great conversation is had, we even disagree on the definition of artist and what it means to be an artist. 

Mike goes into what he feels that Marvel and DC should be doing by reaching out to under served markets and we learn of his plans after the store shuts down, take a month off then write and finish off a novel or two. We discuss a specific project that he has with Alfred from the Batman Saga, he wants to explore the past of Alfred and why and how he ended up in service to the Waynes. Hopefully one day soon we can all purchase this book and be entertained. 

We also get Mike’s perspective on the community that has surrounded his store and as evidenced by the customers coming in and out while we were recording he is busy. 

This was our first attempt at doing a remote interview on location, it is not an excuse, it is simply a statement that we try new things here at KDOI, sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it falls flat, but we try and we want to encourage you to try.


Mike scored a 7.5 out of 8 questions, technically he didn’t score perfect, however, we did change our questionaire from the Satanic Seven to the Solstice 7 and then the Naughty Nine. Technically Mike has scored more than a perfect score, but I am sure some purists will argue the point.  We are sad to see this store go, it has been a great part of my life for the past 4 years since I moved here from Chicago. Mike got me back into comics, and I have done my best to support his store. We did anti adds in the previous Kimo’s Den of Iniquity where we stated Little Fish Comics was not a sponsor, it was fun and we did our part to keep Mike going. I have had some truly enlightening conversations with him and we will continue thee conversations when he has going through is mourning. Folks, I can’t say this enough, support your local artists however you can. Maybe its not financial, maybe its sharing their info with friends and people in your neighborhood. Support your local artists and businesses. Go out there and Create More Than You Consume. Thank you Mike and oh by the way listeners, its his birthday on release date. Send him some love.   

Check out this episode!


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