Discussing tech theater on the job

We welcome to the mic for lucky episode 10, Curt Cabot. I have known Curt since our days at VCU in the Theater Department. Life happened and the wonders of Facebook brought us back together.

We now share similar hairstyles, okay my male pattern baldness is well advanced, so much so I shave my head, but Curt keeps pressing on.

Curt is a former student of mine and let me tell you how proud of him I am. We met in Intro to Drama and Scene shop at VCU. He attended the now infamous come as your favorite Porn Star party which served as the Freshmen mixer for the Theater Dept.

Curt began his exploration in art at the ripe old age of 6 singing and acting in musicals and Broadway type shows. Some painting occurred later for him, but his experience with art and creation goes back a long time. He experienced Bob Ross in high school but didn’t pursue it.

He played numerous instruments in band from 10 to 21 years old rounding out his artistic education.

We give a shout out to Merchants of Dirt Podcast Kyle Bondo who got me started back into podcasting. So its Kyle’s fault folks for all of this.

We then discuss fine Scotch, specifically Oban 18 Year old Scotch. We discuss Scotch Vs Whiskey, specifically how Jameson makes us both want to beat up the Pope. We decide that drinking is an art form unto itself.

Dedication to art is similar to dedication to your job in the military, if you seriously approach either it will take you places where you never knew you could go.

Due to his military job he was able to parlay his acting experience for television as a liaison for shows. He has worked for NCIS and no Abby doesn’t work at the real NCIS in Quantico but here is a picture to drool over.

Okay listen to the show now. Abby approved.

Curt worked with Gibbs and Ziva as well on many shoots.

Tim discusses his Oh my Gawd story of meeting Charlton Heston in Mombasa Kenya for the 132548th time. Curt listens politely and tells his better oh my gawd story. He met the actors from the Boondock Saints and did some workouts with them and he also met Toby Keith and played a rousing game of beer pong due to insomnia. Obviously Tim joined the wrong branch.

Curt now applies the lessons learned in his artistic life by looking for art in his travels and looking for something that he has never seen or experienced. This gives him more inspiration to go further and create better works.

Curt volunteers for Habitat for humanity and from his shop class in theater has really helped him in his carpentry skills and he is able to give to his community.

Future projects he is contemplating is directing a show.

The Satanic 7 questions pay attention to question number 1 is of special note where we discuss minimalism and using your monthly discharge as your paint. Curt got 6.75 out of 7 correct. He got our first quarter point for mentioning the Village.

shout outs to Art of Manliness Podcast and Order of Man podcasts.

Check out this episode!


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