What is Happening at KDOI Podcasting

Hey friends, so we released our interview with Curt Cabot click here for the link. Truly a great time between two Veterans and artists. Yeah folks Veterans can be artists, some of the best artists are Veterans, and you can check out two greats. 

I am excited to get you all introduced to the 2 Heather’s over the next 2 episodes. Heather Moon will be our first full time painter and she is up on Saturday 24 Feb where she will reveal what it takes to be a painter in Rockford Illinois, yes that Rockford Illinois. An art mecca for those of us who remember when Rockford was the murder capital of the US. 

Our next Heather is Heather Meyers whom I met in Chicago and consider to be my big sister. She is involved with new play development, stage management and a ton of other things that you will need to have a good glass of wine handy to keep up with us. She takes the Mic Saturday 10 March. 

If you are a regular listener you know that I had neck surgery on Halloween in 2017. My voice is back 100 percent. These upcoming episodes are a testament to my dedication to you fine folks. Remember the best thing you can do for this podcast is to share it with a friend and email us to get behind the mic. kdoipodcasting@gmail.com we are also on twitter @kdoi_podcasting .

We will close out our first season on Saturday 24 March with a look back at the 12 interviews and what we learned. Look for us in season 2 where we actually attempt the project we dreamed about in season 1. That means that yes I will have another podcast or two launching in the near future. Oh heaven forbid. 

Remember create more than you consume and join us in celebrating all the arts. 

Check out this episode!


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