WOTD Superficial 

WOTD Superficial 



I thought I knew how to fold up this canopy

It ended up yesterday in the city dump metal recycling 

 This is what I wanted for my first book fair

It looked the part

It drew attention

It said to me you are a professional

But you’ve seen the first picture

You know how the story ends, 

Or do you

I didn’t sell out

But I did pass out books and cards and postcards

Projects I’m working on

Projects I’m completing

Many times I feel the first picture is life

Trying to fold it up nicely into a neat package

Doesn’t always go as planned

We learn so much through our mistakes

The second picture is what we think we want

But there were 100 other canopies at the book festival, some red, orange and green

I ended up with a borrowed pale green canopy, got help from some pro’s who do these festivals all the time and a good friend helped me pack it away

I learned more from them than by doing it all myself 

It was a great day and I’d do it again

See you next festival 

10 Nov DC podcasters, I’ll be the one in a neck brace on pain killers and muscle relaxers

WOTD uniform

WOTD uniform


In 1994 I closed the door on a career that allowed me to see the world, both the greatest and worst of humanity

2000 saw me put on robes for my first degree, actually I skipped out that day to pack and find my next home for 3 years

I donned my I’ll fitting blue suit when we laid my mother to rest. Broke ass college student and at that time a failure in most people’s eyes.

My 2nd Chance to walk through graduation saw me in the same blue suit. This time pointing to the sky ensuring she saw my success

A new suit, actually 3, after I had a run if success and a marriage found me in yet another uniform 

Hospital scrubs, hat and footies is was my clothes 3 years ago as I brought into the world my greatest accomplishment ever and the greatest I can hope to attain

WOTD brassy

WOTD brassy


It was a day we should have wanted to remember

My back had gone out 3 weeks prior and I was in 3 pain meds and a bottle of wine

She was battling the demons in that flask

We both thought we knew each other, we had no clue

I was suffering from liquid and pill courage and rage I did

She was an introvert thrust into the spotlight

We both had our abusers in the audience we shouldn’t have survived

It’s been almost 4 years 2 newborns 8 surgeries a 3 week layoff and buying our first house 2 cats adopted one is missing an eye, list a child custody case, we shouldn’t be alive

And yet here we are, a little quieter a little calmer, slowly spaying demons day by day, slowly getting to know each other

This is what two brassy people in love look like to us we don’t back down we don’t give up

WOTD trace


My fingers roll over the words printed in ink so many years ago

Never in cursive since I’ve always failed at penmanship, should have been a doctor

These days my thumb grows callosed since now we type with one finger

I prefer the roughness of paper and pencil

When I read aloud, my fingers follow the words like they did when I first learned to read, now I trace the words for my daughters, but really it’s the only way I can focus

I want to gently tug at the letters untill they are free from the page and see what pictures they would make if allowed to flow freely

I’m still puzzled at how we decided these shapes of lines and portions of circles define our very existence, we put the value of life and death in them, would we be better off being illiterate