Indie Film Director and Veteran talks about Inspiration

Episode 9

We are pleased to welcome a good friend of mine and versatile artist Ken Reed to the mic this week. And yes my voice still i snot 100 percent this week, but here is a video of the procedure I had to endure for you my listeners. 


So that is how I imagine Ken looks, we are protecting his actual picture because he may or may not have appeared on the previous iteration of Kimo’s Den of Iniquity as the ever present “Chicago” who battled with “Tennessee” Mike Finlay, episode 6. 

Ken has recently moved out to the West Coast and during the interview he was keeping one eye on his computer and one eye on the fires in Cali as hey were nearing his abode.

Ken has a rich film background doing independent films mainly in the Chicago area with various people. I met up with Ken originally on the job and we quickly discovered that real recognizes real. We had him in the Word Up Poetry Improv Slams and we discuss that aspect of our relationship.  Check out his debut on Word Up Click Here Specifically we discuss the first time that Ken practiced with the troupe and I advised him he would do great and the Chicago Bears wouldn’t win another game that season, sure enough they didn’t win again until this guy came to town. 

We do attempt to get into a discussion about prehensile tailed brown shirted Lemurs, however, that never materializes. 


Our show is not sponsored by Leapin Lemurs, but isn’t that a nice cereal box, I’d buy some right away if I were you. 

We explore Ken’s background in Chicago and how that affected his artistic beginnings. Dick Cavett, Benny Hill, Johnny Carson and David Letterman are among his earliest influences in comedy and started doing Comedy in his early 20’s before he joined the Army. He talks about his time at Columbia College in Chicago and how that influenced his artistic sensibilities. 

He has participated in a number of 24, 48 and 72 hour film festivals where he wrote, acted and even produced a film. These festivals usually have a theme and participants have a limited amount of time to make a short film based on the theme. 

Ken advised anyone that is interested in film to pursue it, don’t think about it just do it, find people around you and make it happen. Ken talks about future projects in directing, writing and podcasting. 

Ken takes on the Satanic 7 questions and scores 8.5 points, and refuses to give any points to the Chicago Bears to help them out. Of note check out question #1 Where he utilizes the Move Inception to discuss his path to creativity. Question #4 is our first question to get a full bonus point, anyone can get a half point, but Ken gets the first full bonus point. His answer to the last question the magic wand question makes us all happy when he mentions Salo , go check out this movie its inspired by the Marquis de Sade. Ken’s project will be a movie without cliche’s. We will make that happen for him next season as a podcast. See you next season. Remember as ken says stab a mime in the gut and see how professional they really are. 








Check out this episode!


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